Strategies for Winning

in Today's Digital World


There's always a new, shiny tool that came out just last week and it promises to be "the next big thing". In the fast-moving digital environment, sometimes there's a fine line between "the next big thing" and "the next MySpace" that's gone the next time you turn around.

Our approach is based on tried and proven winning strategies which in some cases are on already on their third edition in the past eight years. Here's a general outline of some things that we'll analyze with your campaign. Not all of them may be a good fit for your campaign's situation; we just want you to be rest assured that we've got a game plan.

  • Paths for Using the Internet to Win

            - Fundraising
            - Recruiting Volunteers
            - Mobilizing staff with Smartphones
            - Advertising and Messaging
            - Geographic Targeting

  • Essential Tools


  • Recruiting and Outreach Strategy


  • Social Media Strategies

            - Organic Posts
            - Paid/Sponsored Posts
            - Which Social Media Channels to focus on

  • Field Organizing


  • GOTV


  • Online Fundraising


  • Data and Analytics


  • Logistics, Budget and People